Aluminium systems: Profilco

Profilco Greece are one of the best known manufacturers of aluminum profiles and systems. We offer products of good quality aluminum in a wide range of colors based on RAL standard. The products we manufacture are insulated aluminum systems used to achieve any type of outdoor elements joiner - joiner elements can be achieved with both interior and exterior openings, and windows, thermal insulated aluminum systems used to achieve any type of joinery items inside aluminum profile systems thermally insulated sliding, used for making any type of joinery items for internal or interior partitions - because of the possibility of their coupling with ordinary carpentry elements can be obtained composite panels consisting of elements sliding and normal opening or fixed elements, insulated aluminum systems for curtain wall facade.

Unlike other systems, aluminum systems ensure best environmental weather resistance, the easiest maintenance, the richest palette and its metal resistance, no need for extra reinforcement - which prolongs life and closing mechanisms minimum pressure. Corrosion resistance, durability and high degree of stiffness of aluminum profiles make it irreplaceable when oblique planes, large apertures or type curtain wall facades. Aluminum profiles differ essentially in terms of thermal insulation on aluminum without thermal barrier and thermal break aluminum profiles (known as profiles with no interruption of bridge deck heating or thermal). Profiles without thermal barrier are aluminum with a single room, with a relatively low price but with a low coefficient of thermal insulation mainly due to the specific thermal conductivity of metals, are therefore widely used indoors and interior compartments that do not require isolation between thermal environments. Can be used externally in rooms that do not require insulation. Aluminum profiles with thermal break have three rooms: exterior and the interior is aluminum and in the middle is plastic, namely polyamide, which aims to eliminate the thermal conductivity of metal. 3-layer lining system and a core of polyamide are close to PVC profiles thermal insulation.

Profilco Aluminium

Aluminium profile systems available for our production are:
- Profilco PR52 FBT
- Profilco PR63 BT
- Profilco PR26 GLIS FBT