State of The Art: Siegenia-Aubi & KFV windows hardware

Wherever are pvc , wood or metal windows and doors, they have a set of hinges, rod and locking mechanism, called fitting assembly or windows/doors hardware. It must be characterized by durability, reliability and manageability. For a good operation, hardware maintenance required every 12 months, all moving parts and locking points to be greased, anointing with oil is done with this purpose (mineral oil), you can buy directly from us. This operation prevents unpleasant situations when joinery is no longer good and closes when the handle rod (handle closing) begins to block and is the only operation to be done for a good long-term operation. Settings of windows or doors, be carried out by a specialist of our company.

Hardware that accompanies our products is guaranteed that at least 15,000 cycles with closed-open, allows a control on three directions, is made of an alloy that prevents rusting, giving him a higher resistance, ensure a high level of security , has multiple opportunities multipoint locking and shows a very good distribution of sealing force.


Hardware underlying any modern carpentry. Siegenia-Aubi understand this and develop solutions and first class products, company slogan is: "A step ahead" with Solutions Inside - this goal has become reality, the company offers complete solutions for clients from a vast international market having with distribution offices in Germany, Europe and Asia.

To be always one step ahead, two traditions have been used by large companies, now being part of the same family: Siegenia-FRANK KG and former daughter company Krupp-Hoesch, name brand hardware AUBI GmbH. Since January 2003 these companies have joined forces in a single successful company: Siegenia-Aubi.