Double and triple glazing production line

Founded in 2003, insulating glass production department of TMD Deriva Group has an exponential growth in next two years, and needs urgently investing in a modern production line.

So, because insulating glass production could be increased, we could serve not even our partners, but we could deliver directly to other producers of pvc windows.

Assortment of glass in stock has increased in early 2005 with several types of decorative glass to offer customers the possibility to find the desired type of glass. To obtain a high quality final product, besides well-trained staff, equipment section was performed with advanced equipment, and use high quality raw materials. In this sense, the glass section is equipped with an automatic cutting table (produced in Italy) which makes precision cuts on the coordinates received from the operator table. Automatic Washing Line (all produced in Italy) is the place to check if there are defects in glass. Insulating glass reach the end through the second sealing process who is done with a powerful equipment, given by Reinhard Technik (Germany) along with a high quality raw materials. All of these leads us to obtain a final product with a perfect insulation and aesthetics. The raw material used is glass, which is purchased from leading manufacturing companies such as Saint Gobain, Euroglass or Guardian. To reduce moisture between glass sheets, we use silica gel from Grace Davison Company. Final sealing is very important to ensure sealing insulating glass, for this we use a bicomponent sealer from Kommerling company.

Molecular sieve

Molecular sieve is a form of small balls which are inserted into the PVC and aluminum rods are used to absorb residual moisture within insulated so it does not "sweat" between sheets of glass. Our products make use molecular sieves Grace Davison; glass crew chief, makes a daily test using grain mixture consisting of water filter, and then performs the measurement of temperature of the mixture. Sieve in contact with water produces an exothermic reaction, and the temperature must be achieved between certain values.

Types of glass and glazings

Top sales in 2009 of insulating glass:

1. Low-E + T4
2. StopSol Bronz + Low-E
3. Climaguard

Glass models that can find and to order from us are listed below:

Float - clear - T4
Burglary glass
Stopsol Bronze Glass
Krizet glass
Screen glass
Delta Matte glass