Rehau PVC profiles - Geneo and Brillant series

REHAU PVC profiles produced in Germany, have a great diversity, containing besides the usual profiles, and special systems that are made curtain walls, greenhouses, pools, doors and sliding windows, sliding and normal opening systems, products for finishing windows: inner and outer sills etc.. Profiles are extruded rigid PVC, flame retardant, UV stabilized, with flat or rounded sides and marked in manufacturing, protected with adhesive tape made from a substance without Pb - CaZn. They have a depth of 60mm, 70mm or 86mm, sealing gaskets are made PCE inserted directly into the gasket channel during the extrusion process or seals placed by the actual construction of an item of joinery. Glass rod fixation is ornamental and coextruded seal is white, gray, or black, as the case finally having a look impeccable joinery to suit customer requirements.

Window system GENEO

The environmentally conscious, sparing approach to ever scarcer raw materials is gaining in importance in the construction sector. Due to the German energy-saving legislation and the energy performance certificate for buildings and constantly rising energy costs, the reduction of energy losses is a supporting pillar of energy-efficient construction. As the greatest thermal loss from a building often occurs through window and curtain-walling elements that do not provide adequate insulation, the focus was on perfect energy-efficient properties in the development of the new REHAU window profile generation. The result is the new dimension in window construction, the revolutionary combination of the REHAU high-tech material RAU-FIPRO® and an innovative profile design: REHAU GENEO®

In terms of energy considerations, GENEO is the best window profile currently available on the market in the construction depth 86 mm. With GENEO profiles it is therefore possible to achieve the most energy-efficient windows of their class. They create the climate comfort that property owners have always wished for. The particular highlight of the new system is the way in which it flexibly facilitates all energy-related requirements without having to accept compromises with regard to high sound insulation or effective burglar resistance. With GENEO, windows are achieved with sound insulation class 5 (according to EN 150) and in the case of burglar resistance with resistance class 2 (according to EN 1627 - 1630) without steel reinforcement. With the profile design fully reinforced with fibre composites the use of steel can be avoided and as a result previously inevitable thermal bridges also no longer occur. The system with its centre seal and optional thermo-modules achieves thermal insulation values up to the passive house standard in the standard construction width. As a result, a homeowner can save up to 1,341 litres of oil – according to the current level approx. EUR 1,006 – per annum with new windows made from GENEO MD plus, for example, and at the same time can save the environment at least 3 1/2 tonnes of CO2.*


• Depth: 86 mm/3 contact gaskets • Chambers: 6 • Insulation: Uf= 0,86 W/m²K (without reinforcement) • Insulation: with reinforcement and thermal bridge: Uf= 1 W/m²K • Soundproofing: 5-th class (VDI 2719) • Burglary protection: 3-rd class (DIN V ENV 1627) • Air / water leak protection: C stress group (DIN 18055)

Rehau Brillant

• Depth: 70 mm/with gasket • Chambers: 5 • Iinsulation: Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (standard reinforcement) • Soundproofing: 5-th class (VDI 2719) • Burglary protection: 3-rd class (DIN V ENV 1627) • Air / water leak protection: C stress group (DIN 18055)

Rehau Euro Brillant

• Depth: 70 mm/with gasket • Chambers: 5 • Insulation: Uf= 1,3 W/m²K • Soundproofing: 4-th class (VDI 2719) • Burglary protection: 2-nd class (DIN V ENV 1627) • Air / water leak protection: C group (DIN 18055)

Rehau 60

• Depth: 60 mm/with gasket • Chambers: 3 • Insulation: Uf= 1,6 W/m²K • Soundproofing: 4-th class (VDI 2719) • Air / water leak protection: 4-th class (DIN EN 12207)/9A (DIN EN 12208)