Services, maintenance and interventions

If window or door pvc or aluminum does not work on normal parameters, ie: locks, is "hanging", not sealed properly, or hardware defects, insulated glass is broken or cracked, it means that you need intervention of a professional.

We, as a manufacturer of PVC or aluminum windows with insulating glass, and with over 10 years of experience, we offer complete solutions and services for doors and windows, being able to solve any problem may arise.

Some of the services available...

  • Service contract for regular maintenance of PVC and aluminum joinery
  • Adjustment and maintenance for PVC and aluminum with insulating glass
  • Insulating glass replacement
  • Restoration and construction of new openings
  • Replacing the hinges, handles or worn gaskets
  • Installation of curtains and nets against insects

List of services and prices

S10010 Windows Hardware adjustment 7 - 15 euro
S10011 Windows Hardware replacement (labor only) 15 euro
S10012 Windows Glazing adjustments 10 euro
S10013 Windows Change glazings (incl. S10010 and S10011) 15 euro
S20014 Balcony doors Hardware adjustment 7 - 15 euro
S20015 Balcony doors Hardware replacement (labor only) 15 - 20 euro
S20016 Balcony doors Glazing adjustments 10 euro
S20017 Balcony doors Change glazings (incl. S20014 and S20016) 15 euro
S30018 Doors Hardware adjustments 15 euro
S30019 Doors Hardware replacement (labor only) 20 euro
S30020 Doors Glazing adjustments / panel 10 - 30 euro
S30021 Doors Change hardware (5 points locking system - labor only) 25 euro
S40022 Sliding doors Hardware adjustments 25 euro
S40023 Sliding doors Change hardware (labor only) 35 euro
S40024 Sliding doors Glazing adjustments 10 euro

Prices does not contain VAT (24%) and travel cost.
Travelling in Timisoara City costs 4 euro + VAT, and outside the city, 0.25 euro/km + VAT. For travelling outside of country, please call.

Contact person

Requesting of those services may be done to Mr. Daniel Baros, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at telephone number +40728 305 089 or by mail to: Other methods of contact, here.