How to choose...

Here's a question that requires a comprehensive response. We spend more than three quarters of life inside the buildings they build. To live healthy man needs light and air to penetrate into the interior space through windows. The windows of a house connects us not only visually, with the natural environment but also their quality, we must ensure thermal comfort, sound isolation, safe use. Choosing a modern and efficient insulation Joiner is a problem that deserves the full attention we inclined to using technical data on this issue that we need to learn them and understand them. Although PVC and aluminum carpentry is not new in Romania and the number of firms producing joinery is high today, literature is''poor''and the information we receive most often''in heard.'' The windows of a building must be watertight heavy rain, to allow ventilation of the interior spaces, to resist penetration burglary attempts, to have a sustainable lineup, can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Acquisition of windows with insulating glass, is an investment for the future. Apparently all the windows look the same, but prices are very different. Before you invest to buy a joiner insulation system is better to inform us what is included in the price. The methods used to penetrate the market faster delivery is the low price, it usually costs included "hidden", discovered during the operation that will make the "advantage" in the initial financing a major disadvantage, in other words' bargain »customer often becomes damage. Quality profiles, the fitting, the insulating glass, and execution are the main conditions for correct installation of windows that have a good attitude in service. Cheaper product offers no beneficial long-term advantages! Price per "square foot" remains the most widely used means of handling the potential customer. Promoting this concept is totally incorrect when insulating joinery items not homogeneous, repetitive going into a field (such as flooring, tiles, etc.) to be evaluated in square meter. Participate in the formation price insulation carpentry many raw materials, each contribution depending on the quality or mode of procurement (profiles, hardware and accessories, insulating glass, interior and exterior window sills, shutters, nets for protection against insects, etc) to add, however actual execution of the joinery and assembly. Price properly containing these elements can not be decreased below a certain limit only at the expense of quality.

What to know before aquisition

1. The first choice refers to material that profiles that are made of PVC joinery, aluminum, wood or laminated wood, each appropriate for certain uses: if housing - which do not reach large openings or height - is the preferred profile PVC, with the best quality / price, losing hard heat, is durable, requires no paint and support themselves by simply washing with water and ordinary detergent, if large areas or large height glazed surface - glass, curtain walls , large windows - is indicated using aluminum profiles, which can still retrieve specific tasks. It should be noted that the climatic conditions of Romania aluminum profiles must have a thermal bridge breaking zone of at least 24mm thick to provide thermal comfort inside and removes the possibility of condensation. Solid wood or laminated wood material is a higher price, to meet increased requirements in terms of aesthetics and thermal comfort.
2. Quality fittings usually come from market leading suppliers of profiles (German) and guarantees the proper functioning of the entire ensemble in as many dark-light cycles (aprox.15.000) allows adjustment in three directions, is in deep galvanized warm to prevent rusting, present several points of closure that gives resistance to burglary attempt and is always easily recognized as producing marked with company logo (Siegen-Aubière, GU, Winkhaus, Dr. Hahn, etc.).
3. Insulating glass composition is crucial in assessing the capacity of thermal insulation carpentry, float glass supplied by suppliers known in the field - Saint Gobain, Pilkington, Gaverbel - assembled with materials and production equipment in insulating glass units with the required dimensions, the correct choice of type glass consider many factors related to: conditions of the area, the topography of the area, the level of noise, etc.. Quality is decisive in a glass window because heat loss is at a rate of about 40% through it. Jam insulation with low E is on one side of a film composed of microscopic layers of silver which make a sheet of glass have superior thermal insulation, heat loss is reduced to only 25%. Heat transfer coefficient must not exceed 1.4 W/M2K. Using insulating glass with low E significantly reduce energy loss to the outside and thus save money! It is possible to replace the air layer between two sheets of glass and placing heavy gas - Argon or Krypton - that have the capability to significantly reduce heat loss and makes a good noise protection. Krypton special windows and can reach a sound protection of 48-49 dB. Among the services that a client or company is serious and gives advice about carpentry required geometry and composition. It is best to make sure you've opted for carpentry is performed under appropriate conditions, a space which is good to visit to find that has the appropriate technological equipment and qualified personnel and specialized.
4. Installation is as important as carpentry itself and is also contained in the price. 70% of reported deficiencies are caused by errors in assembly. A window perfectly executed performance fails if not properly put into operation. If an incorrect installation cold, noise and especially water will bypass the window and will penetrate the interior space infiltrating along its frame, compromising the entire investment. For efficient operation of the final product is absolutely necessary to provide interior window sills, especially the outside, in this case the attachment is done under the window. Installation should be done by qualified personnel and with all indications of the system vendor, and prestressed etansand perfectly with foam tape applied to the outer contour in connection with the wall area, ensuring all conditions for insulation carpentry acquired able to fully demonstrate the qualities outstanding level of comfort raising the interior space.

Quality profiles, the hardware, the insulating glass, and execution are the main conditions for correct installation of windows that have a good attitude in service. Joiner purchasing insulation is required to ask, with invoice, certificate of quality guarantee and another for execution and installation. Release of these documents constitute proof seriousness and fairness company will deliver the requested product.