Production line of pvc joinery

PVC and aluminum section is equipped with modern equipment and tools purchased from renowned manufacturers in the field, the best known being Elumatec, Haffner and Sturtz.

Among recent acquisitions to joinery workshop, include a semi-computerized production line produced by firms Elumatec and Sturtz, this acquisition resulting in increased productivity and quality of the finished product. Also powered a circular double-head, all Elumatec mark, which combined with the said line, led to a huge increase in the number of finished parts produced by us. In 2009 it was purchased and a cutting machine for reinforcing packages, as all Elumatec producer.

Windows production

Currently, PVC and aluminum are made using WINARHI design program, along with our modern production lines, for obtaining a high quality finished product.

SC TMD Deriva Group SRL is "REHAU Authorized Manufacturer" (Germany), and produce windows & doors from five types of profiles in a wide range of colors, depending on customer requirements.


In the following, see some examples of our technical equipment.

4 heads welding machine

2 head profiles cutting machine

Hardware assembly table